June 01, 2006

Give me a lite

I just wanted to memorialise the night that David Eldridge came to pub night. Towards the end of the night it was Dave's shout. Mana and I both asked for a lite. I am assuming that what happened next was David's way of showing us his disgust at our beer choice.

He arrived with this

May 26, 2006

mouth the size of a whale

mouth the size of a whale
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This is an example of blogging a photo

May 24, 2006


Well there has been some news since we last met. Darcy is having identical twins later in the year, Miles bought a house and Mana finally got broadband internet access (the last item was by far the most astounding).

Discussions ranged far and wide. We wondered why Al was at home babysitting when we could be drinking his beer at his house. We discussed the blog - what is it going to end up being? a gimmick that kept us amused for 3 months, a time capsule of our lives? one concern raised was that the blog had to be so sanitised in order to protect everyone's privacy (particularly Mana, if anyone found out what he really does at that hospital.....) that it is destined to be a bit lame. another concern was that you can't really enjoy pub night if you are aware of the fact that discussions will be blogged (for instance you might focus on making up catchy phrases hoping they will be blog worthy). Anyway, we will see. who knows, this could be the last ever entry. There was also renewed concern that the standard was too high, which is why I am making this entry particularly crap to try and lower the entry level.

I tried to talk the boys into accompanying me to Cambodia at some point to build a house with tabitha foundation

WIth the kiddy theme, Supernanny was discussed. I wonder how many blokes at the pub last night were talking about whether or not they use the naughty spot with their toddlers...anyway, we were. We admitted that it was worth watching just to feel better about your own family when given insight into the nightmare families on display on the show.

we also discussed the etiquette of inviting new people to pub night, and the related issue of what would happen in the rare case where someone wanted to come back (so far hasn't been an issue).

Miles was codraled up and drinking lemon squash. Mana also had issues with the flu, but wasn't going to let it interfere with his beer drinking.

A photo of new house:

did it work?

and that is all I recall of pub night

Our blog traffic is down! [sirens, klaxons and general submarine-related sound effects]

Looks like the people like us less than they used to fellas. We need some more penetrating insights from the pub night crew... or maybe some cute baby photos...